A collaboration of Shalsheles and many other contemporary Jewish singers.

Tracks Edit

Shalsheles Connections
Shalsheles Connections
Released: 2013
Style: Jewish Music
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  1. Sameach
  2. Anim Zemirot
  3. Hiney Keil (feat. Shlomo Katz)
  4. Somachti (feat. Ari Goldwag, Yishai Lapidot)
  5. Ya'aleh
  6. Halellukah
  7. Lemaan (feat. The Maccabeats)
  8. Niggun Shalsheles
  9. Aishes Chayil (feat. Shloime Gertner)
  10. Hiney Ma Tov (feat. A.K.A. Pella)
  11. Yesimcha
  12. Lemaan Accapella (feat. The Maccabeats)

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